Your Ultimate Tool For Lightning Fast Local Delivery

AI powered Delivery software that helps your delivery solution receive, process, track, and deliver items with your own drivers flawlessly.

A Top-of-the-line Organizational & Tracking System, for you and your valuable Customers

We free you from logistical book keeping and help you optimize your business.

Centralize Informarion

Get all information in our central web app

Save Time

Save your time on record-keeping

Get periodic analytics

With daily figures and live graphs

Multiply your profits

By saving on commission cost

Real time tracking

Track your deliveries in real time in our web app

All the tools you need to run a modern delivery service.

Manage your deliveries and drivers

Always know where your packages and drivers are, use analytics to monitor business health, and always be in control of your ecosystem - all in real-time with our modern dashboard.

Mobile App for Stores

  • Stores can place and track their delivery orders
  • Schedule pickup requests for the future
  • Runs on both iOS and Android
  • Smooth dashboard and analytics

Mobile App for Riders

  • Get new orders immediately
  • Runs on both iOS and Android
  • Live navigation
  • Easy status updates for packages

Helping you deliver Happiness